Seeking Treatment

To start looking for any help for drug or alcohol misuse there are two basic approaches to start your search:

Firstly, our GP should have access or know what is available within your borough… and please be aware that you will only be eligible to access services based in the borough that you live/are a resident of… unless you have your own funds to be able to pay for treatment… Even if you have your own funds it might be prudent to take these two basic approaches to get some background to treatment services in general.

Secondly, Google DAAT in (your borough) …. DAAT – Drug and Alcohol Action Team… usually part of your  local authority and could they well point you in the Support Services available in your Borough.


Getting into Islington Treatment Services hopefully made easy.

1. Your Islington GP surgery should be able to signpost you to the treatment service that you may need otherwise try these below.

2. Detox services — you can self refer to Cranstoun City Roads for residential Drugs detox by calling Tel: 020 7843 1640.

Note:  All requests for residential Alcohol detox are by referral from one of the Islington Treatment services.

3. PCADS (Primary Care Alcohol & Drug service) will make an appointment to meet you at your GP surgery to discuss your treatment options for either drug or alcohol misuse. Call 0203 316 8778.

4. Drop In service for Drugs misuse  without any appointment is at ISIS 99 Seven Sisters Road Mon, Tues, Fri 12.30 – 5.00 pm. Wed 2.00 – 7.30 pm, Thurs 12.30  – 7.30 pm. Tel. 0207 2721231.

5. If Alcohol is your major issue then you can drop in without an appointment… Just check the times below:

Drop In service for Alcohol misuse without any appointment  is at ICAS (Islington Community Alcohol Service) Monday to Friday  9.30—1.00 pm (Thursdays Women only) 332C Goswell Road  London , EC1V 7LQ, Tel. 0207 833 9899

6. General 24/7  Helpline number for Islington residents with drug or alcohol problems is  0808 800 0019 (freefone)

There are three more services within the borough which you may be referred to once you have decided to seek treatment by approaching  one of the above services.


Treatment Services in adjoining Boroughs:

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Main Drop in Service Lifeline Community Drugs & Alcohol Service
Unit 17 – 20 Tudor Grove, Hackney, E9 7Q, Tel el: 0208 985 3757
No appointment needed.
Mondays 11.30 – 5.30, Tues & Weds 10.00 – 8.00pm,  Thurs, Fri  10.00 – 5.30
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