Our mission

Eagle was establisherd in mid 2011 by peer volunteers to provide a safe social space for Islington residents struggling with changing their lifestyle patterns whilst recovering from alcohol and.or illegal drug addiction issues. We welcome residents from surrounding boroughs who are on similar journeys and believe such support would benefit their recovery.. Reducing isolation and depression in a safe and welcoming environment is a key objective.

Increasing safe space activities around good physical, emotional and mental health wellbeing has encouraged growth in confidence, enthusiasm and self esteem in our members leading them to take on training courses, access volunteering and seek work opportunities following their journey through structured treatment for their addictions.

Our aims and objectives are to continue to raise funds and provide volunteer led activities which offer personal growth opportunities complementing their structured treatment and delivering peer long term support until members find themselves capable of participating in mainstream communities. Since many residents from Islington and surrounding boroughs recovering from addiction live in single person accommodation leading to a sense of isolation which often leads to depression and anti social behaviour patterns. We  also continue sign post people to other services and continue  to be available as a useful support service for those who have stepped back into their communities engaging with family and community neighbours.