About us

Where Eagle has landed

We are a social and therapeutic club for people who have struggled with addiction to alcohol or illicit drugs and have chosen to live a life of abstinence from  our addiction substances.

As  a group of Islington residents we have either been through some form of treatment for substance misuse or have been closely associated with others who have been suffering from substance misuse.

We are a volunteer Peer Support Group which started as a one evening a week support activity in July 2011      (Evening Aftercare Group Lead by Each other).  Eagle brings together people in abstinence recovery with Carers of those in active addiction.

Changing the way we live and socialise having chosen an abstinence lifestyle is not easy and we do not pretend that we are the only solution.  We are about helping each other take further steps towards living a balanced lifestyle without illicit drugs or alcohol messing up both us and our families and friends.

Eagle has been fortunate to attract funding from Islington institutions and Lottery Reaching Communities to  provide a sandwich supper, quiz and bingo with prizes for enthusiastic winners and facilities for alternative relaxation therapies. Funding also allows us to organise monthly external events on Mondays such as Cinema, Ten Pin Bowling theatre and one off experiences such as Velodrome biking. We publicise these events on our Facebook page 0 Eagle recovery Project

We currently open on Wednesday evenings from  4-8.00 pm at 28B King Henrys Walk with family socials on the first Saturday of each month. We also offer a  free badminton club on Tuesday evenings  & yoga sessions on Wednesdays to assist in Good health & wellbeing as part of your new lifestyle.

Our Guitar club on Friday afternoons allows people to express their creative feelings 

Our membership/client base is drawn mainly from Islington  & Camden due to travel time and costs however we welcome all in recovery who are looking for social support in particular those from other surrounding borough such as Haringey & Hackney.

Browse our website and maybe come along and see if it is for you. Send us a comment or advice on what we could do better or differently.  Take some action because its only by action that we survive let alone live…….