Learning to Learn

This facility is currently on hold

Learning to Learn is our way of those in early recovery having completed treatment to engage with learning processes just for the sake of enjoying the learning process rather than learning a particular skill for narrow directed objectives.

Our Learning to Learn club runs on Thursday evenings 5.00 – 8.00 pm and gives people the opportunity to invest their time in new skills and personal learning objectives.

Our Computer Club is facilitated by Zoe who provides 1-2-1 sessions in Learning on basic desktop computing, Social Media fun such as facebook, Twitter , Instagram etc and Zoe works at your personal pace to buil;d your confidence and enthusiasm in your new skills and techniques.

Our Photography club is currently seeking a new facilitator who will hopefully be on board in September (2017) wherte we hope to engage members in exploring basic photograph techniques, local Islington landmarks and working towards an electronic publication of peoples poprtfolios. Watch this space for new announcements and needless to say this is all fundiong dependent.

Last year we ran an Introduction to British Sign Languag course which was indeed popular and suitable to the sensitivities of peop[le in recovery who gained valuable insights into the need for different communication skills and and vreated deep awareness and empathy for those suffering hearing loss.

A new course will be publicised once new funding has been committed.