Branson – Breaking the Taboo – Is this for You?

bransonDecrinalisation of illegal drugs is moving up the agenda once more. Not before time but previously it has been knocked back and down without real debate. Maybe this time with examples going on in Portugal and elsewhere it may gain some some momentume get some wheels, go on a journey.

Its not for me to shape your thoughts but for you to learn and consider what might replace current criminal drug distribution.  Instead of street corners could it be shop counter corners.. Would it be properly administered in these days of tick box accountability. Who would really be responsible ten years after. Postcode gangs on street corners may get legitamate corner shop address postcodes  from which in practice their intimidating control behaviours.  Am I being paranoid, toptally defeatist or will legalisation of current illegal drugs actually benefit society be reducing the masively ineffective spend on policing, disenabling postcode gangs by taking away their primary source of income and ensuring ordinary citizens are not labelled for life because of youthful indiscretions.

Take a lookat this You Tube clip  by Richard Branson

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